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2018 new jersey recipients 

OJ Anderson                                              

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Our New Jersey recipients are incredibly motivated and high achieving students who we are excited to sponsor in the journey to reaching their career goals. 

Flip through the slideshow to view our winners from the past year including: Ashley Adamo, Sierra Chambers, Alexdria Cruz, Dailah Denis, Anisa Henry, Quaison Horne, Ian Joseph, Christiane Kenfack, Shania Langford, Kaitlyn McCaskey, Angeles Ortiz, Bryan Pino, Nicole Robinson, Jalen Rodgers, Eros Santana, Jada Smith. 

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julie wisse

OJ Anderson supports New Jersey students across the state and encourages those seeking higher education to fill out an application.

New Jersey Board Members 


JULY 15, 2019 - Ottis "OJ" Anderson's 5th Annual Celebrity Golf Outing



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